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Ceramic microfiltration

atech innovations supplies membranes for ceramic microfiltration that can be applied to liquids in the food sector, or biotechnology, environmental and chemical industries. atech innovations provides top quality products at competitive prices. We are one of the market leaders and currently provide ceramic membranes to over 5,000 installations worldwide.

Continuous quality
Ceramic microfiltration provides continuous quality of the permeate. The membrane is extremely thin, providing little resistance together with minimizes defects. The membrane supports are made of high purity alpha-aluminum oxide. This material provides high permeability and resistance. We also provide membranes in titanium oxide and zirconium oxide, depending on the application.

If you have any questions regarding atech's products and services for ceramic microfiltration, please feel free to contact us without engagement. Please submit the contact form, or direct an e-mail to info@atech-innovations.com. We will revert soonest possible. During office hours, please dial +49 (0) 20 43 / 94 34 - 0 for direct contact.