Extensive experience

atech innovations gmbh began in Oberhausen in 1989 as a distributor of ceramic membranes. We have also been extremely successful in the market as a manufacturer in our own right since 1992. As plant construction was initially one of our main activities, our engineers still have extensive experience in all kinds of related applications, even though we no longer produce membrane plants today. The decision to cease plant construction activities was taken in order to avoid competing with our customers, who are largely plant constructors.

The right membrane for every filtration system

Being fully aware of the variation in filtration systems, we manufacture membranes strictly in accordance with customer requirements. Given our extensive plant construction expertise, we understand what matters in the interplay between plant and membrane and can provide our customers with professional advice. And this is precisely the added value that our customers particularly appreciate in addition to the outstanding quality of our products.

Continuous expansion of our Gladbeck headquarters

atech has been based in Gladbeck since January 1998, and we have continuously expanded our production capacities there in the intervening decades. Today, we have three large production halls with more than 2,000 m2 of manufacturing space for ceramic membranes and the related supports. We continuously adapt the design and geometry of our membranes as well as their pore size and characteristics in accordance with customer requirements and work to expand our standard range so that we can provide the best possible membrane solution for each application.