• Ceramic membranes made by atech
  • single-channel and multi-channel membranes
  • Ceramic microfiltration and ultrafiltration
  • filtering liquid fluids
  • long life ceramic membranes
  • First-class filtration

Crossflow filtration

atech innovations produces ceramic membranes for crossflow filtration suitable for many industries globally. The advantage of a crossflow filter is that it can operate continuously. The fluid moves over the membrane in a tangential direction so that particles on the filter surface are washed off. Even with high solids loads, the filter will not be block.

A wide variety of designs

weA wide variety of membrane designs are available for crossflow filtration. Ranging from single- to multi channel modules and diameters from small to large, atech innovations offers all types of ceramic membranes, pressure vessels and performs filtering tests through pilot installations which can also be rented out.


Please contact us directly for additional information and price quotations of ceramic membranes for crossflow filtration. Please note all specifications and send an e-mail to, or submit the contact form on this website. For assistance by phone, please dial +49 (0) 20 43 / 94 34 - 0 during office hours.