• Ceramic membranes made by atech
  • single-channel and multi-channel membranes
  • Ceramic microfiltration and ultrafiltration
  • filtering liquid fluids
  • long life ceramic membranes
  • First-class filtration

Membrane bioreactor

atech innovations produces advanced membranes formembrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment. The ceramic membranes are located in the effluent of the bioreactor, for removing of the microbes. By this arrangement, high fluxes an be achieved with little footprint of the membrane system

Cost effective

The use of ceramic membranes in waste water treatment has proven to be a highly cost effective solution. atech's membranes are readily available around the globe at competitive prices. Each membrane in the bioreactor is easily replaceable and maintenance is low. They also offer a long life span and high pressure resistance as well as resistance to caustic solutions and acids.

Information and contact

Additional information on ceramic membrane use in bioreactor wastewater treatment can be obtained by contacting atech innovations directly.

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