• Ceramic membranes made by atech
  • single-channel and multi-channel membranes
  • Ceramic microfiltration and ultrafiltration
  • filtering liquid fluids
  • long life ceramic membranes
  • First-class filtration

Ultrafiltration device

atech innovations produces an ultrafiltration device based on ceramic membrane technology. Ceramic membranes can be used for ultrafiltration starting at 5 kD and microfiltration up to 1.2 ┬Ám. atech's products offer a long lifespan, due to high thermal, chemical and mechanical strength, as well as resistance to pressure and concentrated caustic solutions and acids.

Qualities and benefits

An ultrafiltration device through ceramic membrane technology offers many qualities and benefits over polymer membranes. Some of these include:

  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to concentrated caustic acids and solutions
  • Temperature stability
  • Possibility of back pulsing
  • High flux
  • High pressure resistance
  • Easy cleaning

The supports of the membranes are produced from alpha-aluminum oxide. This material offers maximum permeability and mechanical strength. Titanium oxide and zirconium oxide supports are also available, depending on the application.

More information

If you wish to receive more information regarding atech's ultrafiltration device, please contact us. Send your questions to e-mail address, or submit the contact form on this website. For direct contact, please call our offices in Germany through phone number +49 (0) 20 43 / 94 34 - 0.