Excellent quality awareness in sensitive areas

We are aware of our responsibility, especially in sensitive areas, and of course we have all the necessary certifications that prove our excellent quality awareness. FDA certification: GRAS is an approval designation of the US Food and Drug Administration which confirms that our products are considered safe to use in the food industry. We also comply with the EU Directive ED 2014/68/EU, on the basis of which we issue a certificate of conformity. In addition, our products are of course free of heavy metals, which is confirmed by an accredited laboratory. Our pressure vessels comply with all relevant pressure equipment directives and are certified accordingly.

3-A standard as a special certification

We are particularly proud of the 3-A standard in the Crossflow Membrane Modules section (No.: 45-03) which is very difficult to achieve. The 3-A (Sanitary Standards, Inc.) is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting appropriate equipment design in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, and it works closely with the FDA. Basically, the interests to promote food safety and public health are represented. We also have Kosher and Halal certification.

Certification Kosher Certification Halal Certification

Membranes can be used immediately in hygienically sensitive areas

Due to this certification which once again underlines the excellent quality of our modules with ceramic membranes we are also able to supply companies in the above-mentioned industries with our products. Especially in hygienically highly sensitive areas such as milk and whey production, thanks to the 3-A certificate our products can be used without further testing. This is due to the fact that none of the components of plants certified according to 3-A which also have the corresponding certification requires testing by the official bodies, which makes commissioning much easier.