More than 99% purity, 100% uncompromised

The selection of the right raw materials is crucial for production quality. That is why we exclusively use aluminium oxide with a purity of far more than 99% for the production of our ceramic supports (support bodies). Compared to competitor products, our ceramic membranes are characterised by particularly high chemical, thermal and mechanical stability. That is why we guarantee a long service life. Only in this way our products can easily meet the high demands of our customers.


Membranes made of aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide or titanium dioxide

We are the only manufacturer world-wide to produce membranes from aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide or titanium dioxide, depending on the requirements, and of course in top quality. Unlike competitors, we do not use silicon carbide which is a material that has a number of disadvantages.


Disadvantages of silicon carbide

Among other things, membranes made of silicon carbide are very expensive and require high sintering temperatures in a high-temperature furnace (up to 2,300°C/4,172°F) with a complex inert gas atmosphere. Furthermore, silicon carbide microfiltration membranes can be manufactured down to a cut-off of approx. 0.1/0.2 µm only, and ultrafiltration membranes cannot be produced from this material. There are ultrafiltration membranes with support bodies made of silicon carbide coated with oxide ceramics; however, these are different materials with different durabilities and a mixed phase with unknown stability between the materials.

Extensive quality controls

We rely on extensive quality controls in the manufacture of our products. Retention samples of the incoming and outgoing batches enable us to trace at any time from which supplier we purchased the respective materials. We mainly receive these samples from European and American suppliers with whom we have long-standing and trusting business relationships.