Our membrane design ensures the highest filtrate quality

We work closely with our customers to individually select the right product for the medium to be filtered for each application from our wide standard range of membranes with different pore sizes. This enables us to achieve the highest possible filtrate quality. In addition, the geometry of the membrane supports, i.e. their diameter and the number of channels, as well as the number of membrane elements per vessel is also especially determined for our customers' applications, if necessary in extensive pilot tests.

The membrane structure

Depending on the application and pore size, ceramic membranes made by atech are applied to the ceramic support in one or more layers. Due to the membrane structure on a support body the design is referred to as composite membranes. These highly porous high-tech products are characterised by a high water permeability of the membrane layers. The particles or molecules that are to be filtered out of the feed remain in the concentrate. For reasons of flow and hygiene, the channels in the membranes we produce are not rectangular or star-shaped but circular or circle-like.

Highest purity and quality layer by layer

In a simplified way a filtration membrane can be thought of as a very fine sieve. Sieves are available with holes/meshes of different sizes depending on the size of the particles to be sieved. The situation is similar with ceramic membranes but they are usually operated in cross-flow mode. However, the ceramic “sieve”, i.e. the membrane with its pores, still needs a support. In our range of products this support consists of aluminium oxide with a purity of > 99%. The membranes which are made of high-purity aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide or titanium dioxide, are layered in such a way that the finest structure determines the required pore size and thus the main property for filtration.

Individual design andthe perfect membrane geometry for each application

We offer a wide range of different membranes according to the requirements of the respective application. Depending on the substances to be separated you can obtain our ceramic membranes with different pore diameters.

The standard range includes single-channel and multi-channel membranes, i.e. the carrier tubes have one or more channels running in longitudinal direction. To ensure the greatest possible usability they are available in different lengths up to a maximum of 1.5 m. The maximum length of 1.5 m results in more favourable prices for the total filter surface since the manufacturing costs for longer membrane supports and vessels do not increase proportionally to the larger filter surface. In addition, the greater length of the membrane supports results in cost savings in plant construction due to the reduction in piping effort.