We guarantee the high quality of our products.

The high-quality production of our ceramic membranes would be unthinkable without well thought-out quality management. We perform random sampling to ensure that all quality standards have been met. In the case of deviations we directly check the entire batch to exclude errors.

Any step in membrane production traceable

Each membrane from our production is provided with its own serial number. This allows us to trace 100% who was involved in the production of each membrane and where we sourced the raw materials for it. With the individual serial numbers, our employees can see at a glance which membranes were produced in which batches.

Inspection of all processing stages

Instead of only checking incoming and outgoing goods we control all steps in the entire production process. These inspections are extremely extensive and meticulous. For example, we carry out longevity tests on our support bodies, which not only cover a short piece of the membrane support, as is the case with many competitors, but encompass the entire length of up to 1.5 metres. Moreover, they are subjected to strength analyses using burst tests as well as corrosion tests.

Membranes tested down to the last detail

Among other things, we perform bubble point tests on our finished membranes to determine the so-called bubble point, which is a reliable characterisation for the properties of a filter element. In addition, we carry out filtration tests with test solutions or cut-off determinations for ultrafiltration membranes. The molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) determination for UF membranes describes the separation effect of a membrane in the separation of molecules from a defined mixture of different molecular sizes or weights. The comparison of the molecules in the feed, retentate and permeate results in a separation curve characteristic of the membrane, similar to a pore size distribution in microfiltration membranes. We adhere to D90, i.e. 90% of all pores are smaller than or equal to the defined pore or molecular size. This is a top value, as many competitors operate in ranges of D50.

State-of-the-art products of the highest quality

With our decades of experience with premium quality materials and process engineering that has been considered in every detail, our products are always state of the art and therefore also guarantee the required filtration quality. Thanks to our end-to-end quality management, only tested products leave our production facilities.

Final module inspection

Once the membranes are assembled in modules, every single module is subjected to a test filtration and is then cleaned. We use the data to produce an accompanying certificate for each module documenting that it is operating as it should.