Focus on developing new products

Our day-to-day work revolves around innovation. We are meticulous about the continuous optimisation of our products. The quality of the development of new membranes and filter vessels is ensured by our own Research and Development department as well as close cooperation with universities and renowned research institutes. Through internal quality assurance, we maintain a consistently high product class.

Optimisation for customised applications

In addition to offering our customers a broad range of standard membranes, we also develop special solutions for integration into existing plants according to their needs. Given our wide product range, however, we frequently already have a membrane that is optimally suited for the specific application. This can then be identified and adapted in our Development department.

Product innovations and optimisations

Our Research department never stands still, as we are focused on continuously developing membranes that perform even better so that we can increase the number of possible applications for our range. For example, we have developed in-house an even more abrasion-resistant membrane layer. In addition, we have already been successful in obtaining numerous patents.

Multilateral research projects

As part of German and European multilateral research undertakings, we also work together with universities, institutes and other industrial partners. To mention just one example, the development of a membrane for the fractionation of casein and whey proteins in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich received an award from the Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI). This research involved systematically determining the key parameters and then optimising them precisely for the specified application. We were then able to develop a tailored membrane product from this.