Strong as a unit

Ceramic membranes are arranged in pressure vessels to form modules. The filter surfaces range from 0.05 m² for test purposes to more than 30 m² per vessel for large-scale applications. Of course, we also manufacture larger units for special applications on request.


Housing product portfolio

Below you will find our standard range of products. If you have any additional special requirements for pressure vessels please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, we will also manufacture customised vessels for your particular needs.

Download brochure "Stainless Steel Housings with Ceramic Membranes

Vessel designs for special requirements

For applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, we offer special vessel designs that meet all requirements of hygiene standards (e.g. US 3-A). Due to their design these vessels provide perfect cleaning and sterilizing capabilities (use of CIP and SIP systems is possible). Moreover we also offer pressure vessels according to ASME-requirements. Our range of products is rounded off by special plastic modules that have been especially developed for use with highly corrosive media.

PVC-C modules:
especially for small plants or custom designs

The modules are made of PVC-C and can be used up to pressure stage PN 10 and a temperature of 80°C/176°F without any problems. The significantly lower price compared to stainless steel modules and the simplified housing design are very beneficial as there is only one membrane element in the housing. The plastic module was especially developed for small plants, in particular for standard plants with filter surfaces of 0.24 m², 0.53 m² and 1.06 m² per module with channel cross-sections of 3.3 to 3.8 mm.