Optimise and competitively upgrade existing plants

With our high-quality ceramic membranes, we can replace competitor products in existing filtration systems with products of at least the same but usually better quality. Besides simply replacing other products, you might also wish to retrofit plants with ceramic membranes from atech in order to, for example, significantly boost service life, improve retention or extend cleaning intervals, thereby considerably increasing the overall quality of results.

atech products can replace those of other manufacturers

atech products – both the membranes and seals – can be used in place of those of most major manufacturers. Our product range includes various adapters and other equipment designed to ensure we can effortlessly equip and retrofit plants that had previously used ceramic membranes produced by third parties. Moreover, we can deliver any required length up to 1.5 metres, as we can adapt our tubular membranes to any size.

Highly satisfied operators

Whenever a membrane has to be replaced, it’s therefore always worth reaching for an atech product. We are not the only ones to say this - more and more highly satisfied operators who had previously used membranes from other manufacturers in their plants share this view. While the outstanding product quality is important, so too are the better service we provide, the short lead times and the dependable availability of our skilled staff.