High-quality material, careful production

Our ceramic membranes can be used for micro-filtration and ultra-filtration in a wide range of industries. They meet the sometimes extreme resistance and operational reliability requirements due to the high quality of the materials used and exceptional level of care taken during production. This ensures that we achieve the extremely narrow pore distributions required for ultra-precise filtration.

Smallest pore size for precise filtration

The pore size distribution/precise cut-off of competitive products is often significantly poorer, which makes it more difficult for them to maintain the defined cut-off point. The precise pore size we supply is required wherever harmful substances have to be reliably separated and must not get into the filtrate. We adhere to D90, i.e. 90% of the pores are smaller than or equal to the specified pore size, whereas the value supplied by competitors is usually between D50 and D70. One example where the exact pore size of D90 is required is in the pharmaceutical industry, where toxins or pyrogens must be safely filtered out in the production of purified water or water for injection