Compared with products from competitors, particularly polymer membranes, ceramic membranes made by atech stand out due to their high chemical, thermal and mechanical strength, ensuring a long service life. Consequently, membranes are primarily used when polymer membranes reach their limits. Due to their excellent material properties ceramic membranes ensure process stability, high availability levels, low pre-treatment requirements and minimum technical care. Compared with ceramic membranes made by other manufacturers the quality of atech membranes is significantly higher because they are produced without using any ceramic binders or other additives.

When choosing ceramic membranes made by atech you will benefit from:

• high pressure resistance (bursting strength)
• resistance to concentrated caustic solutions and acids
• possibility of backpulsing
• very high abrasion resistance
• trouble-free cleaning
• temperature stability
• high flux

Backpulsing - what's that?