Our membrane design ensures efficiency

We develop, manufacture and install ceramic membranes that are suited for a wide variety of applications. Ceramic membranes are primarily used when polymer membranes reach their limits.

Due to their excellent material properties ceramic membranes ensure process stability and high availability levels. In addition, they do only require a little pre-treatment and a minimum of maintenance. Composite membranes are characterized by high water permeability within the channels. For reasons of fluidity and in regard of hygienic aspects all membrane channels in membranes made by us have a round configuration, without exception.

Compared with products from competitors, particularly polymer membranes, our ceramic membranes stand out due to their high chemical, thermal and mechanical strength. This ensures a long service life.

Depending on the requirements of each particular application, we offer a wide range of different membrane geometries: We will supply ceramic membranes with pore diameters that vary according to the type of material to be filtered or separated and the desired filtrate concentration.

The standard range includes single-channel and multi-channel membranes with various pore diameters suitable for ultra-filtration (starting at 1 kD) and micro-filtration (up to 1.2 µm). They are available in various lengths, up to the currently possible maximum length of 1,50 m, in order to provide as many replacement options as possible.

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