We guarantee the top quality of our products

Manufacturing our ceramic membranes at such a high quality level without a properly thought-out quality assurance process is simply unimaginable. We use random sampling to determine if all quality standards have been met. If quality deviations are found we at once check the entire lot in order to exclude any defects.

Each membrane we manufacture has its unique serial number. Using this number we are able to track exactly who was involved in the manufacturing process of that particular membrane and where we purchased the material used. The unique serial number shows at a glance in which lot a particular membrane was manufactured who supplied the material.

We have many decades of experience with top quality materials, and our process technology has been thoroughly worked out over the years. As a result, our products are always state-of-the-art and make sure that the required quality of filtration will be achieved.

Our pressure vessels are additionally subjected to leakage tests to ensure that they are absolutely tight. Each product that leaves our manufacturing facilities has been tested. This is what makes up our thorough quality management system.