Optimum usage of our products

We manufacture innovative, high-quality products – but that’s not where our contribution ends. We also want operators all over the world to get the best possible use out of them. Our engineers are committed to providing professional, detailed advice. Thanks to our previous plant construction activities, we understand what is required for all kinds of different applications. We also conduct on-site visits if necessary to gain an overview of the specific conditions and find the best possible filtration solution with our customers. If potentially abrasive media will be used and there is a risk of damage to the membrane layer, we can carry out resistance tests beforehand with our membranes on special equipment upon request.

Tailor-made filtration solutions

In pilot plant trials and, if necessary, also long-term tests with mobile pilot plants at the customer's site, we determine whether a medium can be filtered and which other parameters are necessary for the required filtration performance. This way, users receive a custom-fit filtration solution for their specific medium.

Membrane replacement in existing plants

Membranes from other manufacturers in existing plants can also be replaced by our high-performance products. Experience shows that at least equivalent, but usually significantly better filtration results and service lives are subsequently achieved. This is where our quality pays off. In special cases where permanent deposits have formed on ceramic membranes due to media such as waxes or synthetic oils which can no longer be removed with chemical cleaning, we can clean the membranes using a burn-off treatment and often restore the filtration performance. In addition, in many cases it is possible to “repair” damaged membranes in such a way that they can be reused for filtration.