Always on the safe side

To give our customers a clear idea of what our ceramic membranes can do, we offer test runs in our pilot plants with the mixture of substances to be separated. We perform filtration tests in our technical centre for an initial assessment of the filterability of the specific medium and the filtration performance.

Endurance tests for maximum filtration performance

We know that even minimal deviations in the composition of the medium can lead to significant changes in filtration performance. Accordingly, these tests are crucial in determining the way forward. We also make it possible for our customers to conduct on-site endurance tests. For this, we rent out our pilot plants for assessment of the filtration performance, retention and cleanability of the membranes in continuous in-situ operation. 

With our many years of experience, we can provide our customers with professional advice so that they achieve the best possible result in terms of quality and service life.

Optimized test module

For membrane screening, we offer a test module specially designed for this purpose, which allows the simultaneous testing of different membrane pores in one run. For the user, this means cost and time savings on one hand, and on the other hand the certainty that the most suitable pore size for the application can be determined.

atechLAB module