Production of pyrogen-free water with ceramic membranes

For ultrapure water production, ceramic ultrafiltration membranes are used as a final filtration stage.   

Micro particles, bacteria or endotoxins have to be safely removed

The production of pyrogen-free water is subject to firmly defined regulations and specifications that must be strictly adhered to. This places high demands on the plant design.

Ensuring the microbial quality of e.g. WFI (water for injection) requires several process steps that are optimally coordinated with each other. The final step in this treatment chain is ultrafiltration with atech ceramic membranes.

In the integrated ultrafiltration, the water is finally cleaned and any micro particles, bacteria or endotoxins that may still be present are safely removed.

Advantages of atech ceramic membranes in production of pyrogen-free water

  • removal of micro particles
  • eliminate germs and bacteria
  • removal of endotoxins
  • thermal as well as chemical sanitization
  • module construction in hygienic design according to 3A

Unlimited possibilities of atech's ceramic membranes for the most demanding requirements

Producing Purified Water as safely and efficiently as possible, and in the quantities required, requires experience and process knowledge. A leading company designs and manufactures turnkey pre-assembled plants for Purified Water and Highly Purified Water, Water for Injection (WFI) worldwide, easily meeting the highly demanding pharma-compliant validation and documentation packages. Customers from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are among the most demanding end-users. Among other things, they appreciate the unlimited possibilities of atech's ceramic membranes, which can be ozonized as well as thermally and chemically sanitized.

Membranes suitable for filtration of WFI

Channel Diameter (mm) Pore size Permeate performance (l/m²h) Temperature TMP Velocity in channel
2 - 3,3 UF approx. 150-250 (depending on pollution level) 25 °C approx. 1,5 – 3 bar approx. 21,7 - 43,5 PSI 0.5 - 1 m/s

Advantages and added value for the customer:

Efficient and safe ultrafiltration:

The ultrafiltration unit is the final barrier to remove even the smallest risk from the ultrapure water. It convinces through highest yield and efficiency.